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Still running! DEEPER WELLS side of the split tape with A Pregnant Light on Colloquial Sound Recordings is now available on the DEEPER WELLS Bandcamp page. Please grab it, and stay tuned!


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DEEPER WELLS debut 2010 C20 now available via Bandcamp. Remastered, and free for stream/download.


I am currently working on settling in and unpacking over a decade worth of equipment and supplies. If you’re interested in submitting, please contact me. Every submission will be reviewed and responded to.

Thanks, and take care.


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WATERPOWER is not dead. March will mark the 7th year since it’s conception.

Recent releases can be found at Analog Worship. They are as follows…

WP038 – Dead Boomers – Birching CS [Discogs]
WP039 – Divorce Ring – Self-Titled CS [Discogs]

E-mail list is still active. Sign up for future updates.

Supposedly still in the works…

DEEPER WELLS CD – Reissue of all previous materials (WATERPOWER, Maniacal Hatred, & Colloquial split w/ A Pregnant Light).
Possibly other stuff.

Thanks, and take care.


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Audio samples of new batch, soon to be available from Analog Worship:

WP031 – Striations – Zebra (C30)

WP033 – The Limbic System – Darkly (C20)

WP034 – Echo Worship – Open (C20)

WP036 – Mass Marriage – Klubnika (C30)

WP037 – Breathing Problem – Collected (3xC47)


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New tapes in route to Analog Worship within the next week. More updates soon.


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A Pregnant Light/Deeper Wells Split on Colloquial Sound Recordings is now sold out from CSR’s store. Analog Worship will have copies in a week or so. I’ll send out an e-mail to the WATERPOWER mailing list when it’s available, in which the new Bleak Existence tape will be made available as well.


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Big news. For now on, Analog Worship will handle all purchasing. From here on our, all WATERPOWER releases will be available there: http://analogworship.com

I will keep a couple copies for trades, but otherwise, all domestic and international orders will go through AW.

An e-mail will be sent out soon when Bleak Existence’s One Step Forward… C40 will be available.


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New releases still in the works. The store is currently closed while I work on new shipping rates (as they only go up). Int’l will certainly be more, and domestic packages may start shipping Media Mail. You’re welcome to e-mail me if you’re looking for releases, but store stock is rather low- without looking, Nematomorpha, Inverted Nepal, Masked Diode and Dead Moths are in stock. Take care.


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Out soon:

Vast Glory – Airequipt Circular Magazine 2xC40

Bleak Existence – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Also soon, Striations and new Devonshire.


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New DEEPER WELLS tape out soon on Maniacal Hatred. I will have artist copies available in the Storenvy store. This release is two ~10′ tracks dating back to last February. Here’s a glimpse at the artwork…